If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We strive to give you the best buying experience possible.
How early should I make an order?
There are two periods of delivery that depends on the time of your order: if your order was placed before 1 pm, the delivery will be on the same day, but if you made it later, you will receive the flowers on the next day. So, you should plan the time of an order carefully if you don't want to be late with your present.
    Can I make an order at a location outside of London?
    If your beloved person lives outside of London but nearby then this is not a problem for us. Fill in the "contact us" field with the address or text us on WhatsApp and we will let you know whether delivery is possible and what its price is.
    What should I do if I don't know the address of the receiver?
    It is not necessary to know the address of the person you want to please with a bouquet. Just tell us the receiver's phone number and your flowers will be delivered without any difficulties.
      What is the time of delivery?
      You may arrange the most suitable time for you. It can be an evening of the same day you make an order or the next day. If you choose the next day for delivery, it is possible to choose a certain time as well, but remember that the delivery service starts its work at 11 am. Also, we don't work on Sundays.
      Can I choose a certain bouquet but make it smaller than a standard one to meet my budget?
      Our HFL company takes into account the interests of clients, so we help you to make a surprise for your sweetheart even if your budget is limited. Just text us on WhatsApp and our florists will help you with arranging a small, but no less beautiful bouquet for an affordable price.
        How fresh are the bouquets?
        You can be sure that the bouquet you order will keep its first look for a long time as the florists start arranging all of the bouquets the day of their delivery and they use only freshly picked flowers for it.
        Can you help me to choose a bouquet of flowers for a certain occasion?
        If you want to make a fabulous present for your other half, a surprise for your mum or have another important occasion, but can't choose the design of a bouquet, rely on us. Contact us on WhatsApp and our florists will arrange a well-composed bouquet that will be suitable for the event.
          How can I change something in my order?
          If you need to change something your order, please contact us immediately.
          How can I pay for my order?
          We accept PayPal, Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards for your convenience.
          How to take care of flowers?
          If you want your bouquet to stay beautiful and keep the fresh look for a long time, then you should follow some basic tips:

          • Remove the packaging
          It is necessary to remove the packaging because. It needs only as a means of transporting the bouquet so that it remains as fresh as possible. When removing it you need to save the node, so as not to spoil the composition.

          • Trim the stems
          During transportation, the bouquet is without food for at least an hour or two. During this time, the capillaries of flowers dry up. In order for the bouquet to receive nutrition, you need to cut the stems and only then put them in water. Most flowers need to be cut at an angle, and tree stems can be cut straight.

          • Remove the extra leaves
          Remove the extra leaves so that all the nutrition goes to the blossom. This is another way to preserve the freshness and original appearance of the bouquet.

          • Temperature and additives
          It is better to water the flowers with cold, settled tap water. Somebody adds sugar or peroxide the water. Don't add it under any circumstances. Sugar will speed up the fermentation process. It is preferable to add activated carbon as it is a natural element that purifies the water as a filter. In addition, there are special additives for preserving the bouquet.

          • Amount of water
          The level of water depends on what flowers you have in your bouquet. For example, in a vase with flowers with a soft stem, you need to pour two-thirds of water, since such stems begin to rot faster if they are completely submerged in water.

          And flowers like roses like a lot of water. If they were long without water and wilted, you can put the entire bouquet for three to four hours in cold water up to the neck (three centimeters from the bud). Then you need to trim the stem by two centimeters and make several incisions along the stem.

          • Where should I put the bouquet?
          In winter, you cannot put a bouquet near the batteries, because dry air and heat are harmful to the flowers. They can't stand drafts either: it is the reason for the flower to begin to wither because they dry its stems and leaves. And also you cannot put the vase at the air conditioner under the direct flow of air. It is desirable to put in a place where the sun shines two or three hours a day.